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Exposed- scratching the surface of Zane Stott

Zane Henly StottScratching the surface of the creative spark very often reveals the unexpected that simply begs to be exposed and shared with a larger audience. Such was my meeting of an individual living in the town where I now reside.  How was my interest sparked? I would have to say, it was the tattoos.  Now, in some circles, there is always going to be some kind of stigma attached to tattoo adorned people, but that is a topic left for another time. Body adornment is a highly personal practice, I have 4 tattoo’s myself, so I am always intrigued by the choices of my fellow tattoo enthusiasts. What do the designs say about the wearer? Of course, an individual is more than the adornment and in this instance the adornment was the catalyst for further enquiry just as viewing an artwork might be the catalyst for further understanding of the artist.  The tattoo becomes more than the artist who created the work, the wearer more than the canvas on which the design was scratched, exposing to the world an amalgamation of personalities, life experiences forever captured in time.

So, who is this tattoo adorned person?

Male, easy on the eye (seriously), friendly, charming with not a touch of arrogance (refreshingly so).  As time progressed and our paths crossed, I began to discover more about him.

Movies, mixed-martial arts, music, and a creative leaning towards song writing and the written word. I am sure that this is not all that defines Zane Stott.  After reading some of his writing, I realised that here is an opportunity to share it with you beyond the usual social platforms and to assist in some way to document a creative journey and celebrate the individual in the hope that one man’s journey may inspire anothers.

So, this is an introduction to Zane Stott…..


Twisting and turning
in this
Scratching the surface
of my embryonic entity
’till it bleeds
the blood of my ability
I wanna bleed
experience this on my own
i wanna breathe
leave your womb and labour my own
cut myself
from this umbilical state
and wear this scar to remind me
of what it means to be free
Thank you mother
thank you father
for conceiving me

Watch this space for updates when we will discover more about Zane. Please feel free to leave feedback.

In the mean time, check out Zanes Words on facebook:


Part 2: Zane Henley Stott- Single white male with a passion for music on life-journey

3 comments on “Exposed- scratching the surface of Zane Stott

  1. Zane
    October 10, 2013

    \m/ Thank you!

  2. Penny Slein
    October 23, 2013

    Love Zane and his creativity. He has a way with words. His talent should be shared with the masses.

  3. Kristina
    October 22, 2014

    Thanks for finally writing about >Exposed- scratching the surface of Zane
    Stott | RAD Culture Zone <Loved it!

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